A studio made for songwriters | Golden City Sound

Show your family and friends (and record labels) how good you are, without going all-in on a fully produced track.


Record your single, EP or album in my digital recording environment using a Logic Pro X or Reaper.


I use a mix of modern and vintage plugins and effects processors to give your tracks character and warmth.


Use my collection of instruments, amplifiers, accessories, midi controllers and virtual instruments to build a killer track.


Your voice or mine.
Record tracks for your next audio book, stage show, TV ad or radio commercial in my acoustically treated room.


Whether you’re new to music or a long time muso.
I can help you get started with recording and mixing your own songs.

Record in a stress free environment that inspires creativity

Here’s what you’ll love about recording at Golden City Sound:

  • Flexible hourly rates and affordable day rates.
  • A focus on your style – I want your tracks to sound like you!
  • The perfect balance of analog and digital technology for professional sounding results.

I’m as passionate about your songs as you are and I want you to have the best recording experience possible.

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From idea to radio ready! | Background image by Pablo Klaschka from Pixabay | Golden City Sound