Hi, I’m Trevor Petrie, a self-managed artist with over ten years experience in singing, songwriting, collaboration, live performance and studio recording. I enjoy working with artists from all genres and all walks of life and especially enjoy co-writing and collaboration.

My Home Studio, Golden City Sound, is a digital recording environment using the Reaper DAW and a Presonus StudioLive AR22. I work primarily in the box (ITB) with some outboard signal and effects processors.

Studio limitations

I no longer have the space to record acoustic drums. For the time being I have a 9 piece Roland TD-9 electric drum kit (kick, snare, hats, 2 rack toms, 1 floor tom, 2 cymbals, 1 ride) which can be used to trigger one of a number of EZDrummer 2 expansions: Modern, Vintage, Indie Folk, Alt Rock, Pop, Nashville.

To give you an idea of the end result, here’s the drum track from the final mix of a recent session with Inner City Traders using the electric kit and the Alt Rock EZX.

Sample Drum Track – “I Need You” by Inner City Traders – Preview

If an electronic drum kit won’t cut it, get in touch with Erek Ladd over at Ladd Studios or Rod Bradbury at Soul Studios.

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Samples of my work