Liam Thorpe Live (EP)

Liam recorded these tracks with me in May 2017, with the intention of printing a four track CD that he could sell at live shows.

It was an intimate recording session in my lounge room and we wanted to capture the honesty and simplicity of a songwriter and his guitar.

With Liam’s sudden and untimely passing, we sadly never got to finish the EP. Liam had decided to include bass and snare on two of the tracks. We’d recorded brushed snare for “Lasso Around My Heart” and had talked about including some upright bass. Unfortunately only a guide track was ever recorded for “Franky and Dan” which was to be Track 4 on the EP.

In September 2019 Ben Gibbons put down some double bass on “Lasso Around My Heart” to compliment the already present brushed snare and I was able to finish mixing the three tracks.

I will remember Liam for his poetic songwriting, his witty humour and his unashamedly loving nature. He was a beautiful soul and he is sorely missed.


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The EP is free to download but should you wish to make a donation, all proceeds will be forwarded to Liam’s family. Please ensure that you include the note “Liam Thorpe Live” when donating.

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Once you have signed in to your PayPal account, scroll up to find the field where you can enter a note and enter “Liam Thorpe Live”. This helps me track donations and make sure they’re passed on to Liam’s family.


Guitar and vocals – Liam Thorpe
Snare on Track 3 – Brian Hosking
Double Bass on Track 3 – Ben Gibbons
Recorded and mixed by Trevor Petrie

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