Exploring the sonic marvels of the Sansamp RPM | Golden City Sound

My secret weapon for killer bass tones: The sonic marvels of the Sansamp RPM

From its impeccable tone shaping capabilities to its versatile applications in various musical contexts, the Sansamp RPM has garnered acclaim among bassists worldwide for its ability to capture the essence of coveted vintage gear while providing modern flexibility. Whether you’re seeking punchy, gritty tones or smooth, articulate basslines, the Sansamp RPM has got you covered. ... Read more

Recording and Mixing Electronic Drums | Golden City Sound

My process for recording and mixing electronic drums

In my last post I talked about why I use electronic drums in my studio. Today I’m going to give you an insight into my process for recording and mixing electronic drums, and how I make them sound like a naturally recorded acoustic kit. Below is a list of topics covered in this post, click ... Read more

Why I use electronic drums in my studio

There have been some huge advances in electronic drums over the past 10 years, they’ve certainly come a long way since the infamous Roland TR-808 drum machine of the 80’s. You may be surprised to know that electronic drum have actually been around since the late 60’s. But while they may have been technologically cool, ... Read more

I bought a new Yamaha DTX8 drum kit!

I’m not known for my ability to play the drums. In fact, I’d wager most people don’t know that I play the drums more often than I pick up the guitar. I find it incredibly cathartic but also quite meditative at the same time. That and they’re just darn good fun to bash away at. ... Read more